This page lists my published research, such as books and peer-reviewed papers. The Presentations page lists my public presentations.

The Art of Memory Forensics, Wiley, August 2014
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification Student Manual, Axzo Press, June 2012
Peer-Reviewed Papers
Modern macOS userland runtime analysis, DFRWS, 2021
Seance: Divination of Tool-Breaking Changes in Forensically Important Binaries, DFRWS, 2021, Best Paper Award
Hooktracer: Automatic Detection and Analysis of Keystroke Loggers Using Memory Forensics, Computers & Security, 2020
Memory Analysis of macOS Page Queues, DFRWS, 2020
Gaslight revisited: Efficient and powerful fuzzing of digital forensics tools, Computers & Security, 2020
HookTracer: A System for Automated and Accessible API Hooks Analysis, DFRWS, 2019
Memory Forensics and the Windows Subsystem for Linux, DFRWS, 2018, Best Student Paper Award
Gaslight: A Comprehensive Fuzzing Architecture for Memory Forensics Frameworks, DFRWS, 2017
Detecting Objective-C Malware Through Memory Forensics, DFRWS, 2016, Best Paper Award
Advancing Mac OS X Rootkit Detection, DFRWS, 2015
In Lieu of Swap: Analyzing Compressed RAM in Mac OS X and Linux, DFRWS, 2014, Best Paper Award
Acquisition and Analysis of Volatile Memory from Android Devices, Digital Investigation, 2012
De-Anonymizing Live CDs through Physical Memory Analysis, Blackhat D.C. 2011
Treasure and Tragedy in kmem_cache Mining, DFRWS 2010
Dynamic Recreation of Kernel Data Structures for Live Forensics, DFRWS, 2010
FACE: Automated Digital Evidence Discovery and Correlation, DFRWS, 2008
Technical Guides
HowTo: Privacy & Security Conscious Browsing, 2015
Recovering and Analyzing Deleted Registry Files, 2011
De-Anonymizing Live CDs through Physical Memory Analysis, SANS Security East 2012, January 2012, New Orleans
Registry Decoder, SANS Security East 2012, January 2012, New Orleans
Linux Memory Analysis with Volatility, Blackhat Vegas 2011
Trade Publications
Forensic Investigation of Live CDs, Evidence Technology Magazine, December 2011 Edition
Notable Blog Posts
Memory Forensics R&D Illustrated: Detecting Mimikatz's Skeleton Key Attack, Volatility Labs
Incorporating Disk Forensics with Memory Forensics - Bulk Extractor, Volatility Labs
Building a Decoder for the CVE-2014-0502 Shellcode, Volatility Labs
Solving the GrrCon Network Forensics Challenge with Volatility, Volatility Labs
Phalanx 2 Revealed: Using Volatility to Analyze an Advanced Linux Rootkit, Volatility Labs
Recoving tmpfs from Memory with Volatility, Memory Forensics Blog